ALKALY PWD New             Powder Alkaline

ALKALY SN                          Liquid Alkaline

ANTIFOAM SV                     Silicone Base Antifoaming Agent

BIOPOL A2-S                       Acidic Antipilling Enzyme

BUFFER ASIT                      Buffer Acide

BUFFER PH                          Buffer Acide

BUZAL BNR GOLD Liq       Anionic Fixing Agent for polyamide and wool

CARRIER ECO                     Ecological Carrier

COMBI BK                            Combined Bleaching Agent

COMBI FORCE                    Thermofixing agent for prevent yellowing of elastane blends

COMBI RJN                          Pre-treatment Agent for regenerated cellulosic fibers

COMBI SPB Conc               Detergent for continues and pad-batch bleaching system

COMBI VW Conc                 Concentrated Detergent for pre-treatment

DISEGA BP Conc                Concentrated dispersing and levelling agent for PES

DRY BRT                              Edge curling preventer for knitting fabrics

ENDY ACD                           Acidic liquid reductive clearing agent

ENDY CL455                         Machinery Cleaning Agent

ENDY GLK                            Acidic liquid reductive clearing agent for PES/Co and PES/Cv

ENDY TEC                            Powder for alkaline reductive clearing agent

ENDY TEX 530                     Stain removing agent by spraying

ENZYME YS                         Desizing Enzyme

FINISH MAC                         Silicone Base Color Deepener

FINISH PE Conc                   Polyethylene Emulsion for sewing facilitator

FINISH WF New                   Special macro silicone for all kind of fibers

FIXAPOL S                           Cationic Fixing Agent

HIDROSIL RMZ                    Hydrophilic Softener for PES

HYDROFIBER SSR              Hydrophilic Softener for PES

HYDROMAX PRT New        Hydrophilic softener for pigment printing

KOMPLEX D                        Sequestering Agent

MACROSIL CL New            Macro Silicone

MACROSIL CONC               Concentrated Macro Silicone

MICROMAX ME New           Micro – Macro silicone softener

MICROSIL GSM                   Hydrophilic Silicone

MICROSIL STR New           New generation Micro Silicone

PEROX 2Y                            Antiperoxide Enzyme

REACTIVE CTN                   Levelling agent for reactive and direct dyestuffs

RIGID V                                 Edge Curling Preventer for knitting fabrics

SOFTLY BD Conc               Special rewinding softener for cotton yarns

SOLAY DLM-K                     Oil Remover

SOLAY GBE                         Special washing agent for cross-staining

SOLAY LFO                          Oil Remover

STABIL 20S                          Stabilizer

UNIFORM AC                       Anti – creasing agent

UNIFORM PC 103                Anti – creasing agent

WASH BB Plus                    Amphoteric washing agent for reactive dyeing

WASH SMART CRW            Washing Agent for continues process

WASHER AGA                     Universal Washing Agent

WETT K25                            Anionic wetting agent

WETT NON Conc                concentrated nonionic wetting agent